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Expert Testimony
Expert Testimony for educational issues Since 1996, Beverly has been asked to be an expert witness in school district and family court hearings. She is called upon to provide expertise about any number of education concerns, such as determining the best school for a student, pros and cons of transferring schools, quality of area schools, factors to weigh in choosing a school, the role of tutoring, and how to best serve a student's educational needs.

Always poised and knowledgeable, Stewart has been on the witness stand for over two hours straight, being questioned by lawyers, judges, and district personnel, without missing a beat. Stewart is highly regarded for her 30+ years of experience in the public and private sectors of education and advanced degrees.


Specialties Include...
  • Factors to weigh in choosing a school
  • The role of tutoring
  • Determining the best school for a student
  • 30+ years of experience

Your testimony was compelling... I'm very thankful to you for everything that you have done and provided because it was critical to our case and I don't think we would have been able to do this without you.
--- Vivian Rapposelli, Esquire

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